Breeding Process

Teasing is the process of determining a mare's reproductive status by exposing her to a stallion and observing her behavioral reaction. Tea will be exposed to Will for Teasing delivered to Kruger Ranch LLC.Stallion Station.

Mares that are in estrus usually stand calmly, squat and evert the labia of the vulva (wink) in the presence of a stallion. They often raise their tail and urinate. Mares that are not in estrus tend to be more agitated in the presence of a stallion. They are restless and may lay their ears back, squeal and kick. Not all mares respond the same so careful recording is essential.

In the absence of a teasing program (such as in Maddie's case as she will be monitored at WSU), the estrous cycle of the mare may be monitored by vet evaluation using rectal palpation and ultrasonography of the cervix, ovaries and uterus. These techniques are also useful for mares with foals or mares that fail to show behavioral estrus for whatever reason.


Natural breeding and artificial insemination are the two methods used to breed mares. Artificial insemination (AI) requires collection, evaluation and dilution of semen in addition to insemination of the mares. Careful planning is required to implement an AI program.

Tea was bred by Natural Breeding / Live Cover to Classy Will in Rathdrum, ID. Maddie will be bred with Cooled Semen shipped from Arizona at Washington State University to Premenitions Tramp.

Classy Will

Premenitions Tramp

January 23, 2009

"A Midnight Affair" aka Maddie

Maddie taken back in for check after 10 days of hormone injections to bring her out of Transitional Heat Cycle.

31.4 follicle on Left, 18 on Right, check 1/26/09
Shedding heavily, excellent condition.

We will make the decision on Monday the 26th if we give her HCG to finish the cycle or follow through and bred on this heat cycle. If HCG is given she will be short cycled for a more controlled breeding cycle. Maddie will be bred AI with Cooled Semen shipped from Arizona to Premenitions Tramp.


Maiden Mare


One foal born in 2008, left open for early 2009 breeding.

January 26, 2009


During check, system has settled down, hope to see normal heat cycle beginning at next check on February 2nd.

January 31, 2009

"Kids Pine Tea" aka Tea

Day 18 since last ovulation. Deliver Tea to Kruger Ranch to be bred to Classy Will. Allowed Tea time to settle in, then they check to see if she was in heat by doing a walk about with Will out in the arena at a distance from Tea. She actually called to him and showed good interests and showed heat.

A couple hours later, Tea was put into breeding stall to be hard teased by Will. After some time, Tea was ready for breding. She was covered successfully on 1/31/09 live cover.

February 2 , 2009


Tea bred a second time to Classy Will, still in heat. Day 20 since last ovulation.


Maddie had a nice big 43mm follicle ready to ovulate. They gave her HCG to help her finish the process off of the first heat coming out of transition.

February 4 , 2009


Tea bred a third time to Classy Will, day 22 since last ovulation. Tea builds a large follicle 46 to 50, reason for long heat cycle.


Ovulated, CL formed and + Edema, Strong normal cycle, ready for breeding next cycle. Breeding checks will begin on 2/19.

February 6 , 2009


Tea would not tease to stallion. Vet Checked showed Ovulation, large CL formed and +Edema. Very strong normal cycle. Foal Check 2/19.

February 19 , 2009


Tea is IN FOAL, (BABY ON BOARD), so very excited for this foal. Due date January 10th, 2010, based on 340 Days.


Ultrasound check, 15 Days from last ovulation. Has a 26.4 on the Left and 21.6 on the Right with Edema -, just starting heat cycle.

February 20, 2009


Ultrasound check, 16 Days from last ovulation. Has a 26.4 on the Left and 25.6 on the Right with Edema +1.

February 22, 2009


Maddie is moving along nicely. Ultrasound check, 18 Days post ovulation. Has a 33 & a 35 on the Left, 25.6 sitting on the Right, with Edema +3. Stallion owner on notice for a possible shipment on February 22, 2009.

February 23, 2009


Maddie 36 & 39 on the Left, MSF on Right, Edema +3. Semen was ordered for a Tuesday delivery. 200/500 ml HCG given at Noon.

February 24, 2009


Maddie 43 & 44 on the Left, MSF on Right, Edema +3. The 44 was soft and ready to ovulate. AI with one dose at Noon. Stallion had Incubation was 60% motility.  The Sperm Morphology was 83% on 1.7 billion spermatozoa. All looks great.

February 25, 2009


Maddie 47 & 49 on the Left, both are extremely soft, MSF on Right, Edema +1. AI with second dose at Noon after checking for fluid which she had none at 9:00 am.

February 26, 2009


Maddie 47 & 49 on the Left, both are extremely soft, MSF on Right, Edema None. She just needs to ovulate but as of today no movement of the follicles except for very soft.

February 27, 2009


As of Friday afternoon Maddie still had not ovulated. We elected to take her home. Next check to see if maybe just maybe she finally ovulated and settled in foal will be March 16, 2009 .


Ovulation occurs about one to two days before the end of estrus. Breeding normally occur close to the time of ovulation and no more than a day or two before.

When breeding Naturally, mares are teased until they show they will accept the stallion. Once a mare will stand to accept the stallion they are bred every other day during the estrus cycle. Normally 2 to 3 covers happen during this cycle. When breeding AI, mare is monitored every other day sometimes every day by ultrasound.

When mare is estimated to be one to two days from ovulation semen is ordered to be delivered counter to counter (same day) or fedex (next day). Goal is to receive and place into mare right before she ovulates. In case of AI, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is given to help ovulation occur once semen is placed in mare. Mares will normally ovulate within 24 to 48 hours after hCG treatment.

March 16, 2009


Maddie is IN FOAL, (BABY ON BOARD), so very excited for this foal, but we currently have twins. Due date February 2, 2010, based on 340 Days. Watch for updates regarding how to are dealing with the twins on the pregnancy page.

Checking for Pregnancy

Checking for pregnancy is done by Ultrasonography to detect pregnancy at least 13 to 15 days after ovulation has occurred. Diagnosis of pregnancy at this early stage will help with management of twin pregnancies. Detection of twin pregnancies are essential for the safety of your mare and future foal.

Your vet will normally advise to also have a 25 to 45 days check and again at 60 to 90 days after breeding. To ensure your mare did not loose the pregnancy during this time. Once past 60 days your mare will normally cary to term unless issues or illness occur.



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